🌟 Welcome to JME Create! 🌟

Hey there, fabulous souls! I'm Joshiel, the creative mind and heart behind this little corner of the internet. Originally hailing from the beautiful Philippines, life's journey brought me to the vibrant city of Tamaki Makarau, Aotearoa, where I've crafted a life filled with passion, purpose, and design.

Armed with a Bachelor of Design, with a major in Textiles, I've immersed myself in the world of creativity and expression. Every piece you find here is a labor of love, inspired by the colors of my heritage and the landscapes that have shaped my journey.

Beyond the design studio, I'm on a parallel adventure to become a teacher because learning is a lifelong expedition, and I believe in the power of sharing knowledge.

In this grand symphony called life, my cheer squad features my incredible husband, our little bundle of joy, and our loyal four-legged companion, Opie the mastiff sharpei. They are the heartbeat that fuels my creativity and the driving force behind the joy infused in every creation.

Here at JME Create, you're not just buying a product; you're becoming a part of a story. A story that celebrates culture, embraces learning, and cherishes the beauty of family. Join me in this journey of creativity, learning, and love.

Let's make every purchase a celebration of life's tapestry! 🌈✨

With love,
Top left: Photo of Joshiel at the Christchurch Wintergarden, Bottom left: Photo of Joshiel and her husband at Waiheke Island, Right photo: Shows Joshiel with her son at Glenorchy